Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 Development Services


BioEnable offer research & development services in the field of Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 .



Ultra-low power wireless connectivity is now a reality for consumer medical, mobile accessories, sports and wellness applications


BioEnable provides Bluetooth low energy solutions and services for Bluetooth Smart sensor
applications and Bluetooth Smart Ready handheld devices.

Technology features – Bluetooth Low Energy & Bluetooth Smart Ready BLE 4.0

  • Turnkey solution – 2.4 GHz system-on-chip, protocol stack, profile software and application support.
  • Ultra-low power consumption – enables sensor applications to operate for  more then 1 year on a coin cell battery.
  • Leading RF performance –  long range. Excellent co-existence with other wireless devices.
  • One-chip integrated solution
  • Single mode and dual mode

Applications: Bluetooth Low Energy & Bluetooth Smart Ready BLE 4.0


  • Sports and Fitness
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Blood Pressure Sensor
  • Blood Glucose Meter
  • Thermometer
  • Assisted Living
  • Flood Alarm
  • Heating Control
  • Automatic Key Control
  • Thermometer
  • Industrial Sensors
  • Toys
  • Entertainment Devices
  • Mobile Accessories
  • All Bluetooth Wireless


 Bluetooth Low Energy Semiconductor companies

  • Atheros Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Broadcom Bluetooth Low Energy
  • CSR  Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Infineon Technologies Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Marvell Semiconductor Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Qualcomm Bluetooth Low Energy
  • ST-Ericsson Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Texas Instruments (TI) Bluetooth Low Energy


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