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  Bluetooth Active RFID System

Bluetooth is most popular 2.4GHz License free wireless technology. The cost of Bluetooth technology has been dropping constantly and today BioEnable brings new applications for enterprise to make their life simple.

Bluetooth Active RFID Reader consist of our popular GPRS Device server with integrated Bluetooth receiver.

Bluetooth Active RFID reader can be installed in various location in your office like reception, entrance, production, conference room etc.

Bluetooth Tags consist of a thick card that can be carried by individuals, mounted on vehicles or assets. If some people already have Bluetooth capable Mobile phones, earphone etc. then that device itself can be used in place of a tag.

Bluetooth tags needs to be charged and with one charge can work for 4-5 days. Bluetooth Active RFID system is suitable for temporary tracking applications. Some such application examples are listed below.

Why Bluetooth ?
- Bluetooth allow efficient 10 meters tracking range with less wall penetration whereas other technologies have different range in different environments.
- Bluetooth tags are available in different shapes and sizes.
- Bluetooth Readers cost is very low for larger numbers compared to other RFID technologies


Bluetooth Tag Reader


Bluetooth Card Type Tag

Visitor Tracking

Issue Bluetooth tags to the visitor at entrance and track their movements in the office, factory, shopping mall or residential complex. This is also useful for even management, exhibitions and parties.

Children Tracking

Give Bluetooth tags to children in shopping complex and let then play around and find them anytime you need. Track children in Zoo, Picnics, Science park.

Airport Traveler Tracking

Give Bluetooth tags to Travelers and track that they are at right place in right time. Find travelers wherever they are in the airport. 2.4GHz is license free band allowed in airports. Tags can be taken back when visitors enter the Plane.

Parking Management & Security

Bluetooth tags can be mounted on the car windshield and at the entrance reader can detect the ID and allow access. Bluetooth tags can be also charged using car power. We also have special Bluetooth car kits that can be used as tags as well as act as Bluetooth hands free kit.

Laptop Tracking

Bluetooth tags are attached to the laptops. Tags get charged automatically when laptop is power on. You can track the laptops in your office or at entrance/exit and prevent theft or loss.

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