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  BioEnable offers exciting opportunities to companies interested in Biometrics Security market. You can partner with BioEnable for one stop source for all biometrics needs.

Considering wide applications of Biometrics market we have following partner schemes:

Time Attendance & Access control dealers: Standalone Time attendance recorders and Access controllers are the largest selling products in the biometrics market. BioEnable provides wide range of products suitable for small and large businesses accompanied by comprehensive software packages. Our complete time attendance system is easy to install and use. Our products have strong demand and acceptance in the market.

We offer this dealership opportunity only to companies who have already established themselves in this market. In case you are already selling card based time attendance recorders, access controllers, security and automation products to businesses in your region, you are right candidate for this partnership. We can also consider proposals from experienced entrepreneurs in this industry and have founded new business for such products and solutions.

We appoint dealers as per country, state or city. All enquiries from your region are sent to you for follow-up. You must have strong presence in the region for which you intend to apply for the dealership. This partnership is available for Standalone Time recorders and access control products only and not for USB fingerprint scanners. In order to get detailed Partnership guide please contact sales@bioenabletech.com

Software development partners: USB fingerprint scanners and mouse offer immense opportunities for software developer to develop security and identification based applications. some applications include member management, visitor management, transaction management along with IT security, network logon and government applications.

BioEnable License Fingerprint Software development kits, supply Fingerprint scanners and support you in development. You can source USB fingerprint scanners at special prices and free promotion of your products and solutions by BioEnable. Software development partnership is available only for USB fingerprint scanners and mouse products. they do not extend to Standalone time recorders and access controllers.

Software development partnership is open to all software development companies. for more details please ask for software development partnership guide from sales@bioenabletech.com

Projects/System integration partners: With maturity of biometrics fingerprint technology and products, major building and industrial automation projects choose Biometrics fingerprints based time recorders and access controllers by default for while installation of building control systems. Many government projects require extensive system integration and development.

BioEnable has separate partnership program for projects and system integration companies implementing large scale projects of corporate, industrial and government clients. This partnership is offered to companies with minimum turnover of USD2.5 million dollars or Rs.10 crore. This partnership does not allow you to directly represent our products in your local market but use them in large projects and installations.

Fore more details on Projects partnership program please ask for Projects partner program guide from sales@bioenabletech.com

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