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A Comparison : Optical vs. Capacitive (Semiconductor) Fingerprint Sensors
Optical Sensors
Capacitive Sensors
Sensor Type Optical Capacitive
(Semiconductor or chip)
Sensor Surface No special treatments or maintenance required Usually needs surface treatments, including ESD and other protective coatings

Coatings may be uneven, wear out over time, degrade performance, and shorten product lifetime

Overall Durability Scratch-proof, unbreakable glass platen made of material as hard as quartz

Resistant to shock, ESD, and extreme weather

Corrodes easily from repeated handling and everyday exposure

Susceptible to damage by electrostatic discharge

Thin silicon chips are inherently fragile and susceptible to damage by hard external impact and scratches

Imaging Area, Resolution, and Size Large imaging area (0.5 inch x 0.6 inch)

High resolution (500 dpi)

Large image size (78,000 pixels)

Usually smaller imaging area, image size, and resolution due to greater cost of manufacturing larger, high quality chips
Cost-Effectiveness Low manufacturing cost, long life, no maintenance required Consistent quality surface coatings may be expensive to produce

Replacement, maintenance, and downtime costs can add up

Warranty One year Information not readily available

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