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Biometrics Integrated delivers affordable Biometrics based business solutions through global delivery model. We think we are able do this better than most because of our "BioSource" model. BioSource IT Services from Biometrics Integrated are focused on helping customers realize their business goals by delivering tangible, measurable benefits. BioSource model is specially developed considering needs of Biometrics based products and solutions.

With Biometrics Integrated's BioSource model, we leverage our global resource pool to build a project team that has very strong consulting and technical expertise. Our BioSource model inherently brings clients significant cost and time savings. And, most importantly, where the work gets done is irrelevant to the client.

.: BioSource Enablers :.

  • Insource: International sourcing method which allow companies to source base hardware and software for their projects globally

  • Processware: Our intranet and online resources to define each and every process in the project management, development, testing and quality control

  • Planware: our project management methodology, ensure the successful delivery of large and complex projects. These include portfolio management tools, project engagement models, project management tools and business continuity planning.

  • Knowledgeware: our portal for knowledge sharing across geographically disbursed project teams

  • Biometrics Integrated Labs: a dedicated team of professionals who research and build solutions


.: Goals :.

  • Delivering tangible, measurable benefits through IT solutions

  • Improve bottom-line benefits, concentrate on core competence

  • Improve employee productivity

  • Manage information efficiently

  • Build profitable customer relationships

  • Automate & improve enterprise processes

  • Improve procurement efficiency & manage the supply chain

  • Integration of disparate enterprise applications

  • Manage content & workflow

  • Leverage the web for maximum ROI

  • Secure your enterprise


Biometrics IT Services

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e-Commerce and Internet
Access Control
Smart Cards
Core Capabilities

+ Systems and SDK Integration
Application Development
Networking Protocols
System Programming
Cryptography and Security
Biometric Platform  Development

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