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Biometrics ChipSilicon M2M Wirelessintegrated GPSintegrated Aerotag

eNBio Gate

eNBio gate Solution, which is a multi-biometrics verification system, enables not only accurate identification but also a systematic and robust security system based on NITGEN's excellent fingerprint identification sensor technology and application capability.


  • Verification Media: passport, face, fingerprint, card (PKI is an option.)
  • Verification Method: 1:1
  • Verification Mode: Local verification

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eNDess Professional

eNDeSS professional is a PC Security software solution based on fingerprint technology which provides various of security features that perfectly meet to CC (Common Criteria)


  • Image Quality check
  • Latent fingerprint check
  • Latent fingerprint check
  • Schedule Control
  • Open real time authentication system information
  • Failure detection

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eNFAS is the authentication server system protecting from danger of loss and fraudulent use by utilizing biometric data in order to solve the existing security problems, which occurs during authentication procedure using password or IC card and it can save biometric data and transfer a user's authentication result using saved biometric data to the user(client). In addition, duplex system increases availability and it supports inter-working with SSO for the inter-work with legecy system and other existing legacy systems through a variety of clients.



  • User Management
  • Verification DB Management
  • Log Management
  • Screen Saver
  • Log-on
  • System Restriction
  • File Encryption
  • DB Backup
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