BioAccess v3 is the New Age Access Controller with all Fingerprint, Card and Password Option. With its High-definition color LCD display and the unique open design of the keyboard it has got an elegant design to suite the interiors and offers a class look.

Features –

  1. High-definition color LCD display, the unique open design of the keyboard
  2. Have a professional access control function of the time zone hours, access privilege features, and a professional access control interface.
  3. Supports multi-user recognition by free setting between the two users and five users.
  4. Users period setting, each user can set a period, when the user for a period exceeding the validity period for the user automatically lapse.
  5. Supports a variety of alarm events: Duress alarm, illegally open the door alarm, door open delay alarm
  6. F1 ~ F4 function keys can be customized.
  7. Professional access control software for real-time monitoring and remote control professional access control functions, and can also function to achieve attendance.
  8. Through RS485 or TCP / IP multi-networked control.
  9. Installation of 86 combined with standard installation holes, so installation is more simple and convenient; it also has a simple waterproof design.



Algorithm High speed HSA8.0
Fingerprint sensor Optical
Effective collecting area 16 x 14 mm (6.30 x 5.51 inch)
Fingerprint capacity 2000
Logs capacity/ Admin log capacity 60000 / 1000
Verify mode Fingerprint, Card, Password, Fingerprint+Password, Card+Fingerprint, Card+Password
False reject rate(FRR) / False accept rate(FAR) ≤0.01% / ≤0.0001%
LCD High-definition color LCD display(2.8 Inch TFT)
Name display on LCD Yes
Keypad / Function key 4×4 Key, 1 door bell / 4 Function keys
Card Reader Yes
Communication / TCP/IP Communication RS485 / Yes
Bell interface, Buzzer, Anti demolition, Alarm, Intimidation alarm function, Access control function Yes
Wiegand interface Supports standard input and output WG26/WG34(External proximity card reader)
Power supply 12V DC
Operational temperature range / Operational humidity range 0°C—-+45°C / 20%—-60%

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