Vein Recognition India

Finger Vein Scanner

A finger vein scanner is a device that captures the pattern of the veins of a finger and uses them to authenticate a person’s identity. Like other biometric devices, pattern...

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Iris Recognition Software

Iris recognition software is an application that allows users to exploit the entire iris recognition system at its full. Iris recognition system alone is completely useless until no drivers of...

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Biometrics Immigration india

Biometrics Immigration

Biometric immigration becomes easier with the help of biometric passport and with the biometric data that is collected during biometrics appointment. The complete automated process of biometric immigration helps travellers...

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Fingerprint scanner Android

Fingerprint Scanner iPhone

                    Fingerprint scanner iPhone is an app that can be downloaded from the Android market. With the help of fingerprint scanner iPhone, users of mobile phones can configure their handsets to...

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finger vein hitachi, hitachi finger vein

Hitachi finger vein reader

Hitachi finger vein reader is an authentication device that works on the near-infrared technology. With the help of Hitachi finger vein reader, it becomes easier for the organizations to authenticate...

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Computer Protection Stage

Access control matrix

Access control matrix in computer science, introduced by Butler W. Lampson in 1971, is a security model of protection states. Access control matrix describes the privileges of each subject with...

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Biometric Security

Almost every organization nowadays relies on biometric security. One of the biggest benefits of using biometric security measures in organization is that the biometric authentication is always accurate and almost...

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Access Control System Technology Pune


Role based access control is a system that restricts right of entry to computers or network resources while carrying out everyday jobs such as viewing, updating or modifying files. Role...

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Fingerprint scanner price

                  Fingerprint scanner price may vary depending on the quality of material that is used while manufacturing the device. Since most fingerprint scanners are now available for USB ports, fingerprint scanner...

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