STQC Certified Fingerprint reader

PIV Fingerprint Scanner

Introduction   [quote] BioEnable offer PIV compliant Fingerprint scanners for Government projects. enBioScan-C1 is PIV complain, FBI certified, STQC certified for UID aadhaar project and suitable for several National ID, Civil ID and Government ID...

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Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 Development Services

Introduction BioEnable offer research & development services in the field of Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 .   [quote] Ultra-low power wireless connectivity is now a reality for consumer medical, mobile accessories, sports and...

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Trackless Train India

Trackless Train electric vehicle developed in India [quote]BioEnable has developed an Electric Vehicle based on its strong expertise in Electronics, Electrical & Mechanical engineering. A heavy duty electric vehicle using high...

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Vein Scanner India

Finger Vein Authentication Technology

Finger vein authentication technology works on the patterns of the veins of a finger. When a user scans a finger for enrolment, a near-infrared light is passed through the finger,...

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Finger vein access control

Finger vein access control helps organizations to control the accessibility of sensitive information on the basis of biometric authentication. Since finger vein access control makes important information available only to...

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Biometric screenings

Biometric Screening

Biometric screening is a process that is carried by most organizations nowadays. During the process of biometric screening, many medical samples of the employees’ attributes are taken. The taken examples...

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Access Control System

Network access control

Network access control is a loom towards computer network security system. Network access control uses set of rules that commands the communication within the network. These rules or protocols define...

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Fingerprint Vein in India

Fingerprint vein in India has now become a popular and most commonly used authentication methods based on biometric identification. The reason why most organizations are now relying on fingerprint vein...

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