Compromises in security and data theft/data loss are quite common nowadays. Considering these negative aspects of corporate sectors, many users now avoid sharing their personal information with the organizations. Because of these security issues, and to protect users personal information, some laws are being is created and implemented in different parts of the world. According to these laws, organizations must have proper mechanisms for the protection of user information. Moreover, according to the laws, in case any security breach takes place, and the personal and sensitive data of the end users are compromised, organizations must inform the users, especially in the case of direct or indirect financial losses. If organizations fail to do so, they might have to face the consequences, which mostly end up paying appropriate and pre-specified penalties.

In order to regain users’ trust, and prevent accidental data loss or data theft, organizations require a foolproof security system that enables security administrators to efficiently handle and manage the passwords, understand and work with file encryption, two-way authentication, etc.

The Biometric Suite solves all the above discussed issues by providing complete and efficient password management, file encryption, single sign-on authentication because of its tight integration with Active Directory infrastructure, etc.

The biometric Secure application is quite helpful for the organizations that are directly or indirectly following the regulations of HIPAA, according to which users’ personal information must be kept classified and highly confidential.

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