Vehicle and Personnel Tracking Solution

What is BioEnable’s Biometric and GPS Based Tracking Solution (BGTS)

Biometric and GPS Based Tracking Solution (BGTS) can be used for the Vehicle tracking, Employee and Student Attendance .BGTS provides real-time tracking of Vehicles.  It also provides biometric based Attendance for Employee or Student to improve their safety by tracking and monitoring their locations by using GPS technology. BGTS reduces transportation cost by notifying wrong driving techniques. This BGTS Solution is ideal for sectors like Transportation, Mining,Oil & Gas,Education etc.

Vehicle Tracking Solution can be effectively used for the following purposes ,

  • Improve Public Transport Management.
  • Improves Student and Employee Safety.

How Biometric and GPS Based Tracking Solution Works ?


                                        Fig 1.0 BioEnable’s Biometric and GPS Based Tracking Solution (BGTS)

BioEnable’s BGTS utilizes benefits of GPS as well as Biometric techniques. The architecture of this solution is shown in the above diagram.

  1. Mobile Data Terminal(HHT) and GPS based Vehicle Tracker is installed or placed inside every Vehicle/Bus for monitoring/Tracking. HHT and Vehicle Tracker have equipped with GPRS and GPS functionality , The GPS coordinates sent by Vehicle Tracker Device is continuously synced with Central Server via GPRS connectivity.
  2. While entering in the Bus , Employee/Student needs to keep his finger on the HHT for the authentication. Once attendance is marked successful then user can enter in the vehicle/bus. The HHT sends Attendance logs to central server and Vehicle tracker GPS co-ordinates which is accurate one are used with user attendance records.
  3. System Operator can see real-time tracking on the BioEnables’ online web application, here Operator can see the Various reports like Begin and end day Report , Last status Report, Over speed Report , Activity Report ,RAG Report ,Detailed Raw Log Report etc.
  4. Operator can also create Route , Schedule the Bus routes and Create Trips, Book ticket on a Trip, Specify the Bus/Vehicle Capacity etc. Operator can set alert notifications on his Mobile phones via Text SMS  or E-Mail.
The Software Application will allow you to perform the following tasks:


  • Route Creation
  • Created Routes can be edited as per User requirement
  • Scheduling the Buses and Allocating Routes
  • Online Bus Booking System for Employees/Students.
  • Receive the Alerts and Check the various Reports.


Vehicle Tracking Application

GPSintegrated – Vehicle Tracking Application is a fresh new EASY to use, FAST to implement and SIMPLE to understand Tracking system, offers new way to manage Your Asset. It is Cloud based Vehicle Tracking platform used in over 25 countries for real-time tracking of People, Cars, Fleet & Assets using GPS trackers & Mobile Data Terminal using Big data analytics. We are your one stop partner for GPS tracking business.
Application Key Features,
  • Real Time Tracking of Vehicle and Employee/Student –   In real time tracking mode you will see your current location on the map, or the last position when your GPS device connection was active. When you click on the pointer of your icon on the map you will see extra information about it.
  • Incident and Event Notification – Server can generate and send you notifications via e-mail/SMS or notify on application, when something happens. That kind of events might be when object enters or exits geofence area, violates speed limit, presses SOS button, GPS device loses connection and even starts engine.
  • Theft Protection – For protection against theft system provides ,
    Park Fencing : where after a vehicle is parked it creates an automated surveillance fence.
    Immobilization : Spot your vehicle on the map and immobilize remotely.
    Driver Identification : Equip your drivers with unique identification devices like i-buttons.
    History : you can keep a history of your vehicles.
  • Big Data Analysis – It Provides Real time data Full text search, Real time analytics, High availability, Schema free.
  • Fuel Management – It saves fuel by improving driving skills and delivers features like Fuel level detection, Fuel Theft/Fraud  Protection, Monitoring Fuel  Consumption, Fuel forecasting.
  • Fleet Analytics– It provides utilization of charts and reports which enables you to assign work to drivers properly. It also Inspect your vehicles’ utilization data and break down operational costs to reduce unnecessary expenditure. It provides Driver Scorecard. Your drivers will need monitoring and motivation, irrespective of the kind of business you run asset-wise & Consolidated data : Fleet analytics charts and reports.
  • Trip/Task Management : Operator can create Route, Trip, add checkpoints , Operator can Book Tickets for student/employee for particular Trip. Application provides Time based Management Route fence Integration Alerts by SMS/email.
  • Wide Client Network : More than 150 devices are already been integrated with our system from different manufacturer. It can be also used for the personal as well as commercial purpose.
  • Vehicle Service and Maintenance – It helps to maintain the records of Schedule Service also provide  Service Alerts , Service Reports , Service History.

Application Benefits,

  • Improvement in safety of Students/Employees/Vehicles.
  • Improvement in driver safety & productivity.
  • Improvement of vehicle and driver security.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Detailed Monitoring and Reports Generation.

Application Snapshots :


Fig 2.0 Application Main Dashboard : It shows information like Name of Vehicle,Driver Name,Current Location on map, Summary , Alerts etc.



Fig 3.0 Online Booking : Operator can book a ticket online by selecting a particular trip. He can also choose Seat location and see Seat capacity

Last Status Report

Last Status Report – User can see where was vehicle Seen on Last Time


Over speed Report – It shows if any over speed limit has been crossed by vehicle


REG Report

REG Report : It shows rash driving information.



Detailed Raw Log Report : this report shows information regarding Location,Speed,SOS,Battery Low alerts etc which can exported in the various formats like XLS,TXT


Activity Report : It shows information regarding Total Trip Distance,Total Engine Hours ,Total Idle Hours ,Total Stop hours etc.



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