BioEnable Single Eye Iris Scanner SDK

BioIrisOne-SDK provides the Application Programming Interface (API) to capture Iris from BioIrisOne scanner , which can be later used for the enrollment and matching purpose. BioIrisOne-SDK has been developed using the C#.NET programming language and offers a set of ready-to-use API functions, making it easy for developers to create different applications as per requirement.

Features :-

  • Ease of use – Provide easy functions for iris capture.
  • Standard Compatibility – Compatible with ISO standards like ISO 19794-6.
  • Image Handling – Handle images in different formats.
  • Support .NET environment for new application development. Provides a .NET Class Library for Microsoft .NET.
  • convenient and fast development capability.

Supported Platforms :-

Windows XP (32-bit), and Windows 7 (32-bit).

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