Door Controller


BioEnable door controller is a single door and can manage up to 8 doors access control panel. Each door controller access control panel is recommended to come with a power box or an enclosure to suit for different system constructions and it’s connection ability is also superior which offered Wiegand, Dry Contacts, Relays, Inbuilt Network Interface RS-485 and RJ-45 for connections  to different devices.


System Design

bioenable_door_controller_relay_box   <img class="alignnone wp-image-8142 size-full" src="" alt="door_controller_design" width="559" height="330" srcset="×72.png 120w,×152.png 260w, https://www.bioenabletech synthroid tablets×170.png 290w” sizes=”(max-width: 559px) 100vw, 559px” />




1. Panel size design access control panel for installation flexibility
2. Multi-door access controller (8 doors through hardware)
3. Unlimited doors access control (Proprietary software support)
4. Inbuilt HTTP web server management
5. Leverage by pass time zone access authority provide (10 levels)
6. Fire alarm alert should be generated
7. Remote control for emergency doors open/close



Block Diagram




  1. Capacity : 20,000 user cards/ 60,000 logs and event reports.
  2. Inbuilt web Based software : On board web based software which can be controller from anywhere just by putting IP of device.
  3. Alarms : Different alarm input and output is given for e.g. wrong card shown, wrong zone entered, wrong shift, etc. It will update on the software
  4. IP camera : Combine IP camera to capture snapshots at the time of swiping cards or event triggered.
  5. Remote control : It allow admin to control any door irrespective of cards. It will be helpful in case of emergency or any other staff activity.
  6. Advance Software feature : Anti-pass back, door interlocking , time zone, shifts, etc.
  7. Auto entry : Auto entry can be done and access can be provided
  8. Employee Tracker: All In-Out transactions are available so that one can keep a track of employee’s total no of in-out.
  9. Easy Software Integration : SDK is available for third party software integration.
  10. Easy Backup : Provision of manual back up of database, employee details is given.
  11. Software Upgrade : Easy Upgrade via internet web server or TFTP tool.
  12. Battery Back up : Provision of battery back up (Does not support backup for Electromagnetic Locks)
  13. System logs: 1536 Entries can be done.specifications_door_controller


1.Easy to install and configure

2.Embedded Network Interface for easy connectivity

3.Industry standard weigand input facilities to connect with any readers

4.Cost Saving

5.Security: Door controllers can be used for security purpose as in car parking as well as in all the entrance of the company mutli doors gates.

6.Restricted Area: We can restrict the area for particular Vehicle in car parking as well as for employees in the entry gate.



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