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BioEnable Release Fingerprint Software Developement Kit – IndiaSafe

BioEnable Technologies, a leading developer of advanced electronic identification software has just released its BioEnable Fingerprint Software Development Kit and it is available for free download to visitors of the company’s website.

The BioEnable Fingerprint Software Development Kit (SDK) combines the existing BSP (Biometric Solution Provider) SDK and 1:N fingerprint recognition engine to give users both a regular fingerprint application, and also an application that searches fingerprint databases with large capacity at a high fingerprint search speed.

Fingerprint software development kits are necessary tools for all software developers who want to develop fingerprint-based applications. The BioEnable Fingerprint SDK allows any application to directly interact with USB port fingerprint scanners and execute functions through high level Application Programming Interface (API).

Even more valuable for developers, the BioEnable Fingerprint SDK connects to other fingerprint recognition devices and the software supports single finger as well as multi finger scanners.

Users and developers can be assured that this SDK leads to the development of applications that provide the optimal fingerprint recognition solutions that contain a sophisticated fingerprint recognition algorithm. According to Pradeep Bhatia, Managing Director at BioEnable Technologies, “Out Fingerprint SDK allows developers to create applications that guarantee incredibly fast search speeds and the highest recognition ratios.”

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