BioEnable Healthcare Solution

BioEnable Healthcare Solutions offer: Biometrics Patient Identification System, Baby Footprint identification system, Infant Security & Protection System with Active RFID & RTLS technologies. We are now offering Cloud based Biometrics matching for large scale application in banking & Finance. Cloud based Biometrics database and matching system is based on Saas models and allow anyone to make use of high end Biometric technologies without significant outlay.


BioEnable Healthcare Solutions 

                         BioEnable Technologies design & develop innovative products based on complex set of technologies. This has given us experience to work on wide range of platform like Web, Mobile, Desktop, Embedded and Healthcare. We are possibly the only company worldwide with ability to understand your requirements and then Design both Hardware & Software on wide range of platforms for Identification, Automation & Tracking applications.

BioEnable healthcare solutions has exciting features like,

  • Infant Protection Advanced Active RFID & RTLS based platform
  • Identity & location visibility of patients, staff and assets
  • Flexible patient/staff/family escort options in hospital
  • Long battery life for Tags & Badges
  • High availability and automated alerts management
  • Scalable & Flexible
  • Easy to use Monitoring and management software
  • Integration with EMR, HIS
  • Multiple communication options SMS, email, Calls
  • Advanced reports, Charts & Dashboards

Newborn / Baby Footprint Identification Solution

Identification of new born baby’s is one of the main tasks of the medical team following birth. Especially in developing countries, where security in public maternity wards is not very tight, and overcrowding is common, the risks of a baby swap or kidnap are above acceptable.
Reliable and fast methods for identification of new born baby’s were made available and used inside maternities and hospitals, as well as on airports or bus stations.

Compared to other techniques, footprint recognition is very attractive for newborn personal authentication, since it is-

  • A non invasive method
  • Easy applicability
  • Low cost
  • Wide acceptance.


  • Image acquisition is fast, so reduces time for capturing footprint image.
  • More reliable than other types of newborns footprints identification.
  • If high resolution scanner used to scan, greater resolution would yield better results.
  • Fast and accurate identification.

Infant Protection System

Infant protection system is useful for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Maternity Homes. Infant Protection system is infant monitoring and tracking system based on wireless technology. A wireless transmitter is attached to the ankle of the newborn baby to track its movements inside the hospital to ensure that baby is always attended by the right person and with the right mother.


  • Unlimited Tags – Our system can support large number of tags in a single installation.
  • High-end Security system – Infant Ankle Bracelet, Wireless network infrastructure, and maternity staff & Mother badge supervision with audit trails and system logs.
  • Mother – Baby matching – Prevents baby switching by permitting staff to confirm that the correct baby is being presented to the mother.
  • Tags with Tamper alert – Tags automatically transmit alerts upon unauthorized removal of the tag from the baby.
  • Baby authorization – Staff & family can move infants freely within the protected zones, but infants cannot be moved out of these zones without authorization.
  • Advanced Monitoring software – Enables security staff to monitor alerts, personalize all tags, enroll users, transport and discharge babies, temporarily deactivate tags and track infant movement.

*Other solutions we are providing*


  • Finger Print Scanner can be used for E darshan Facility.
  • Devotee Identity & Appointment Solution.

BioEnable offered a solution for e – darshan where they can register fingerprint of devotee at the time of registration as well as for the further verification process. This integrated solution required for their all locations in Tirupati as well as over all India.

Banking and Insurance

The banking and finance sectors have always been victims to robberies and fraud attempts. This poses a threat to both the employees and the customers. The use of biometric technology is increasingly being recognized in the banking industry as a viable means to prevent identity fraud, Safeguard data, improve ease-of-use and save money without losing passwords. It is no surprise that many banks are turning to biometric technology for increased security & convenience.

BioEnable Technologies have deep understanding of advanced technologies and how it can be used to combat the threats posed by money laundering, online fraud and identity theft.

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