A Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

Whether you want a full real-time location system across healthcare  facility or you just interested in improving communications and coordinating tasks more efficiently then there is an Ideal solution which we have brought for you.

Asset Management

123 Knowing the area location and Current status of healthcare machinery with add-on features to make a comprehensive Asset Management Solution .


32Asset Maintenance & Tracking
Know the location, status and maintenance needs of your asset (equipment).


  • Reduced time in locating equipment
  • Minimize risk of accidental use of soiled equipment
  • Improved preventative maintenance performance

33Asset Utilization
Optimize the amount of rented and owned equipment with accurate, automated utilization rates and actual vs. par level analyses. Purchase and maintain less.


  • Reduced equipment costs and inventory liability
  • Reduced maintenance expenses
  • Accurate rental payments based on real-time data
  • Improved availability and access to items needed for patient care

34Surgical Instrument Tracking
Track surgical and analyze usage and maintenance history


  • Optimized instrument maintenance and procurement
  • Increased patient safety
  • Increased staff satisfaction
  • Increased patient satisfaction from on time starts

35Recall Management
Locate and mark recalled medical devices and supplies and identify patients/staff who have used it.


  • Reduced risk and liability
  • Reduced time to find equipment.
  • Reduced time recalled equipment and supplies remain on the floor or in stock
  • Increased staff and patient confidence

36Shrinkage Management
Monitor “last seen” locations to help prevent loss and theft. Alert on selected equipment exit events.

  • Reduced replacement costs
  • Improved availability and access to items needed for patient care

Environmental Monitoring

122 Replace manual processes. Automate and simplify standard regulatory compliance.


tempTemperature Monitoring
Automatic monitoring of selected locations and units with alerts when temperatures are outside set ranges. Automatic escalation and ability to log and report on corrective actions.

  • Reduced vaccine loss
  • Reduced risk of perioperative hypothermia
  • Improved compliance documentati0n with automated logs and corrective action reports
  • Reduced time on manual compliance logs

co2CO2 & Humidity Monitoring
Automatic monitoring of rooms and/or units with alerts when CO2 levels are outside set ranges. Automatic escalation and ability to log and report on corrective actions.

  • Decreased delays due to out-of-range conditions
  • Improved compliance documentation with automated logs and corrective action reports
  • Improved staff and patient comfort

oxygen tank monitoringOxygen Tank Monitoring
Automatically monitor and report on oxygen tank pressure and/or tamper status.

  • Reduced rental, tank refill, and manual tracking/logging costs
  • Increased availability of full, non-tampered tanks available for patient care
  • Improved compliance with National Fire Protection Association guidelines

Staff and Patient Safety

121It’s Real-time monitoring improves patient/staff safety in the specified area.



proximity reportProximity Reporting

It shows an accurate information like all patients, staff, equipment, and supplies that come into contact with one another in a single place.

  • Increased ability to contain the spread of infections.
  • Reduced time to prepare report.
  • Improved patient perceptions of quality and safety focus

handHand Hygiene

Track the number of hand cleansing activities and compare them to hand hygiene standards. Compare results to raise awareness

  • Reduced need for expensive direct observation methods
  • Reduced number of Infections
  • Improved patient perceptions of quality and safety focus

patientPatient Escape

Track the location of patients and residents; alert when they get near or pass through specified exit areas.

  • Reduced need for expensive manual observation methods
  • Reduced risk of patient escape incidents
  • Improved patient perceptions of quality and safety focus

Workflow Management

120Managing Healthcare operations. Deliver faster and more personalized service instantly.


ambulatoryAmbulatory Flow
Monitor service delivery and minimize patient visit duration with patient location and status tracking and automated alerts.

  • Reduced number of avoidable delays
  • Decreased patient wait time and overall visit duration

ED flowED Flow
Easy check of room availability, patient and staff location Increased reimbursements due to improved throughput.

  • Reduced time for surgery transfers.
  • Reduced cycle times.
  • Improved staff responsiveness.
  • Improved patient and staff safety.

EDDPerioperative Flow
Streamline patient status and automating staff and family communications.

  • Increased number of ontime starts
  • Increased revenue due to overall improvements
  • Higher patient safety due to alerts upon process breach.

impatient flowInpatient Flow
Easy check of real-time room availability, patient location and status, staff location

  • Improved inpatient bed utilization
  • Reduced number of avoidable delays
  • Reduced admission and discharge time
  • Improved patient communications with staff.

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