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BioDesk-Pro is a dependable and cost effective visitor Logging application. It enables an organization to manage and track visitors throughout its facilities. It Uses standard Fingerprint based Biometric technology.

It offers unlimited flexibility by allowing IT and security managers to further capitalize on existing IT investments in their facilities .


BioDeskPro Software helps you to tracks visitor's tracking details & offers a unique solution for Visitor Management, control and tracking. It is a very simple to operate Visitor Management solution which can be operated by receptionists, security guards with almost no training.

It can be molded for different industries keeping in focus the security needs of Visitor Management for that specific industry.

It can also be used for creating various types of badges. One can very easily generate the badges for membership clubs, schools .


It has following features:

  • Client/Server architecture to provide Central Control over distributed Entrances
  • Supports Fingerprint, Cards & PIN
  • Fast 1:N matching (Client/Server side matching)
  • Visitor Badge Creation with Photograph
  • Visitor In/Out Tracking

Hardware requirement :

  • Computer (PII,128 RAM or more)
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Camera (Optional)
  • Printer (Optional)


Inside BioDeskPro

It allows you to design your own badge printing and visitor tracking. This is a very simple visitor management system, in which the badge is shown in a what you see is what you get manner. This makes it easy for the receptionist to capture and print the data. Daily reports can be generated using BioDeskpro which would record the important details like name of the visitor, organization details of the visitor, photo etc. One can change and make BioDeskpro to work as per individual needs by setting up various parameters through the setup module.


Enrolling New Visitor

  • Using BioDesk-Pro application, Visitors can be quickly and efficiently enrolled into the system.
  • A BioDesk-Pro operator can enter visitor data into the system, assign an employee host to the visitor, also optionally capture the visitor's photo.


Authenticating Visitor

•  After Enrollment is done, Upon Each Arrival/Departure, the visitor can be authenticated using, Fingerprint / Card / PIN.


Badge Creation

  • Visitor Badge can be created easily from the software that visitor can carry and show whenever asked.
  • Badge contains various information like
    • Visitor info (Name, Company)
    • Person to meet (Name, department)
    • Date/Time of Badge Creation
    • Signatures of authorized Issuer
    • Signatures of Employee visited


Benefits :

Increase Security & Reduce Liability

  • Know who is in your building
  • Establish lobby as first line of defense
  • Improve accountability, audit ability
  • Protect confidentiality of visit-related data

Cost Effectiveness & Efficiency

  • Streamline, speed visitor check-in process
  • Badge, register visitors in under 20 seconds*
  • Utilize low-cost consumables
  • Improve visitor, receptionist, employee communication

Additional Benefits

  • Legitimize visitor policies, apply them consistently
  • Enhance image with professional badges and process
  • Ensure visitors and employees feel safe

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