Vehicle Tracking Devices


ahaide – Bringing Marijuana Community Together When you go to get some marijuana, you expect to get the most for the money you have, right? How Many Grams is how...

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Web Based Contract Labour Management Software

Contract labour management attendance is very time consuming task which engages man power also need massive paperwork. The main objective of “Contract Labor Management System” is maintaining contractor and subcontractor details. BioEnable has...

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Door Controller

BioEnable offers Single/Multi Door Controller Capacity : 20,000 user cards/ 60,000 logs and event reports. Inbuilt web Based software : On board web based software which can be controller from anywhere jus...

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BioEnable Healthcare Solution

A Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions Whether you want a full real-time location system across healthcare  facility or you just interested in improving communications and coordinating tasks more efficiently then there is an...

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Handheld Terminal based Solution

Trans v1 Mobile Data Terminal which is suitable for wide range of business applications. A mobile data terminal (MDT) Trans V1 is a computerized device used in public transit vehicles, taxicabs,...

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Guard Tour System

Track guard tour patrols in nearly any business environment. GUARD TOUR SYSTEM (GTS) IS SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR YOUR GUARD TOUR APPLICATIONS. Guard Reader is anti-vandal, anti-spamming, very easy to handle and low...

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