BioEnable is offering first of its kind Fingerprint Scanner Development Kit for Android developers.

For whom ?

  1. Android developers can get started with developing Fingerprint Scanner based applications.
  2. Android Tablet Manufacturers/Firmware developers can test the Fingerprint scanner performance requirements and explore if they would like to support Fingerprint Scanner on their Tablets.


  • Android Tablets do not support Fingerprint Scanners by default.
  • Drivers for the Fingerprint scanner are not included in the Android OS image and hence even by installing an compatible App it will not work with the Scanner.
  • In order to support Fingerprint Scanner the Android OS image needs to be updated with a new image that include Drivers.
  • Drivers for one Android Tablet may not work on other if the Chipset is different.
In order to make the development simple our offer a Development kit that include popular Android Tablet , Upgraded OS & Fingerprint scanner for you to get started immediately.

Contents of Kit:

  • Samsung Galaxy 10.1 inch Android Tablet (16GB WiFi) with Upgraded OS image & Drivers
  • USB host cable accessory
  • USB Fingerprint Scanner
  • SDK CD with Manual

What Functions are support by the SDK ?

  • Fingerprint Image Capture
  • Fingerprint Template extraction
  • Fingerprint Template 1:1 Matching

Tablet Manufacturers :

  • Once you have tested the performance of fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Tablet, you can propose the new tablet on which you would like the Scanner to be supported
  • You shall provide us 3 Sample Tablets with Android Image Source under GPL for us to test and compile the drivers for your tablet.
  • Once you get the drivers you can include it in your OS Image and distribute to your customers without any Royalty charge
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