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eNBio Gate

ICAO Recommended e-passport & Immigration Kiosk Automated Multi-Biometrics Exit/Entry Control System

e-Bio gate is highly advanced biometrics e-passport & immigration control system. e-Bio gate authenticates presenter's identify through multiple biometrics verification, simultaneously performs authentication of identity document like passport, visa, ID Card. e-Bio Gate enables accurate, fast and easy authentication


Integrated face, fingerprint, iris recognition technologies assure accurate authentication of prsenter. Single biometrics identifier has resulted in high FAR (false accept rate0 and FRR (false reject rate) combination of biometrics identifiers is the solution for the problem. ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organiaztion) has also recommended face recognition as primary verification method and finger or iris as additional verification method.
multiple biometrics verification can prevent unauthorized entry as well inconvinience caused by false reject. Multiple
biometrics ensures accurate and non-intrusive verification.

Passport reader
In spite of the introduction of IC chip in ID document inspection is still an important part of identity authentication. Incorporated passport reader tsts authenticaity of ID document while biometrics verification is carried out. Various tests are performed. Sophisticated MPZ, pattern, IR, UV B900 test detects most type of counterfiet ID document. Any type of ID document be read with proper document training.
Currently e-BioGate can read passports, visas, ID cards and other document created by more than 250 issuing authorities worldwide.

RFID Technology
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is one of the l;atest technologies to accomodate and communicate large size date at a high speed. Biometrics identifier, personal date and information on identity document are stored in IC chip - ISO 14443 - and attached on identity document which later are read by e-Bio Gate to authenticate identity.
Since all data is encoded in IC chip and carried by the owner, the scheme is immune to privacy issue. Various security features have been introduced to prevent illegal alteration of the contents of IC chip.

Easy and Fast
Number of traveling population is growing. existing airports have reached its full capacity. Best solution is to reduce the time needed for processing travelers.
Current process - inspecting ID document, few questions - takes mimnimum 30 seconds. Passed by fae recognition, along with document inspection, e-Bio gate completes whole authentication process in 5 seconds. Use of multiple biometrics enables most non-intrusive verification of traveles. Failed with first biometrics test, travelers can use additional biometrics identifier to authenticate themselves. No embarrassment, no waste of time. Still e-Bio Gate guarantees accurate identify authentication.


  • Biometric verification: Face, fingerprint, Customized combination of biometrics possible.
  • Passport inspection: MRZ, checksum, expiration date, Visible, UV, IR, B900, pattern, seal, temper, photo substitution
  • Watch List: Embedded Watch list comparison
  • RFID: Contactless interrogate and storage of data
  • log file, passenger list: Detailed information of presenter
  • Accuracy: Multiple biometrics verification, Document authentication
  • Security: Read only mode, Encryption, SAM, PKI
  • Fast verification: Verification with face : 5 second
  • Simple, easy verification: Non-intrusive verification
  • Privacy issue: All data stored in IC chip which carried by owner of ID document
  • Inernational standard: comply with ICAO recommendation

Item Description
Model NBD - 1000D
Dimension 320(W)x900(H)x380(D)mm
Power Input 100-240VAC(60/50Hz)
Operating Range Camera 30-60 cm
Iris (Option) 8-25 cm
Fingerprint contact
Passport Reader contact
Signal System NTSC
Operating Temp 10-40Deg Cel(32-104 deg F)
Storage Temp 10-40Deg Cel(32-104 deg F)
Humidity <80% Non-condensing
Sensor Type Camera 30-60 cm
Iris (Option) 8-25 cm
Fingerprint contact
Passport Reader contact
Resolution Camera 811x508
Iris (Option) 811x508
Fingerprint 500dpi
Passport Reader 510dpi
Video Output Camera VBS 1.0Vp-p. 75Q (BNC)
Iris (Option) Composite Output 1.0Vp-p. 75Q
Fingerprint USB
Passport Reader 510dpi

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