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Aerotag Active RFID Tags & Readers

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We understand the human tracking and logistics problems that today's businesses face, and our staff is dedicated to efficiently applying RFID to solve these problems.

Wireless Integrated has launched its new innovative Active RFID products based range Aerotag on 433MHz UHF frequency.

Advantages Over Passive Tag Solutions:

- Longer Read Range-
RFID Passive tags have read ranges limited to a few feet. Active RFID tags have a read range upto to 10 meters.

- Larger Data Storage Capacity-
Passive tags have limited data storage capacity compared to the RFID active tags.

- Data Can Be Sent at Designated Times-
Passive tags send data only when they are in close proximity to the RFID reader. Because of the large read range, Active RFID tags can send data at pre-designated intervals or at certain locations.

Advantages Over Other Active RFID:

Longer Life- Wireless Integrated Active tags uses the latest technology to achieve reliability and life that rivals other active tags

.Lower Cost- Wireless Integrated Active RFID tags uses the latest technology and integration to provide you with a very cost effective tag.

Smaller Size- Wireless Integrated RFID tags are smaller than Active tags based on older technology.

Active RFID Applications

  • Inventory Control
  • Container / Pallet Tracking
  • ID Badges and Access Control
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Equipment/Personnel Tracking in Hospitals
  • Parking Lot Access and Control
  • Car Tracking in Rental Lots
  • Airport Security
  • Product Tracking through Manufacturing and Assembly
Active RFID reader
Active RFID Tag
Reader with IP65 casing


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