The Proximity Card Access Control is a professional access product. It is a proximity T& A and A&C system as it adopts proximity communication PSK and encrypt professional proximity card to check ID which is much safer & more credible than those without encrypt proximity cards . It gets maximum security & maximum value to the customers , which is a senior and safe equipment achieve the professional management of automatic and modern.


  • Easy installation with high speed operating.
  • Standalone and network environment
  • Built in access control, support time zone, 5 groups, door opening combination
  • 24 hour continuous operation available
  • More security & multiplex alarm alert support.






Display/Speaker Language
LCD Display : 4 lines white LCD Display, Speaker : Voice Prompt, Language can be selected Multi Language, English, French, Spanish, Arabic etc., for more than 15 languages can be selected
Technical Specification Capacity Environment
Card Capacity : 10,000 Cards Operation Temperature : 0 degree C ` 45 degree C
Log Capacity : 50,000 Records Operation Humidity : 20% ` 80%
Verification / Identification Machine Size
Machining Method : 1:N or 1:1, Identification Speed : <0.2ms 125(L) * 95(W) * 45(H) mm
Communication Function Supports
TCP/IP, RS232/485, Wiegand in/out, USB Wiegand, WorkCode, USB
Access Control Power
50 Time Zones, 5 Group Supports, TTL for connecting to lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button Alarm 110/220 VAC ` 12VDC (power supply PS-2A is optional item)
Access Mode Read Range
card only, PIN only, Card+PIN 10-15 cm

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