Access control system – Biometric Access control system

BioEnable offer advanced Access control systems based on Biometrics, Fingerprint, RFID & AutoID technologies. We products come with enterprise class centralized application server that allow you to manage identities of all users centrally along with Biometrics and create advanced access control rules.

  • Biometrics Fingerprint recognition
  • Auto ID, Card, RFID
  • Door locks – Electro magnetic / Strike


Proximity Card Access Control Device

The Proximity Card Access Control is a professional access product. It is a proximity T& A and A&C system as it adopts proximity communication PSK and encrypt professional proximity card to check ID which is much safer & more credible than those without encrypt proximity cards . It gets maximum security & maximum value to […]

BioAccess v3 (New)

BioAccess v3 is the New Age Access Controller with all Fingerprint, Card and Password Option. With its High-definition color LCD display and the unique open design of the keyboard it has got an elegant design to suite the interiors and offers a class look. High-definition color LCD display, the unique open design of the keyboard […]

Fingerprint Door Lock – NDL600

Ultra power saving system (Patent). Convenient structure within the body (Patent). Eliminate or add user. Put to use a recharge battery for a convenient installation. Automatic locking function. Alarm system for forced door entry. The use of multiple wireless RF Remote controls is possible. Up yo 10 remote controls can be used for Larger areas. […]

Fingerprint access control Exit Reader – F11

Fingerprint access control Exit Reader – F11

F11 is Biometric finger print reader for access control application. The device offers flexibility to be installed standalone . TCP/IP communication make sure data transition between the device and PC can be done easily. Real time 1 touch data export 3rd party hosted and non hosted application. Tamper proof switch and alarm output. Audio – Visual indication for acceptance and rejection […]

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