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BioEnable SmartSuite Software

SmartSuite Software

SmartSuite is a web-based time and attendance software which offers enterprise class employee Time and Attendance management in a single tightly integrated package. It addresses needs like Organization Chart, Detailed employee records management, Leaves management, Attendance management, Scheduling/Shift/Calendar management along with extensive Reports & Charts.

Web based software can be installed in Office/Web Server (supports both windows/linux) and be accessed by employees, department heads, branch managers as well as management form anywhere.

It comes in two version a Free Community edition and a paid Business edition. Business edition has advanced features to import logs from wide range of Attendance devices along with professional support.

Below is a comparison between the smartsuite free edition and business edition :

SmartSuite Options SmartSuite Community SmartSuite Business
Company Details
Employee Records
Time Attendance Management
Leaves Management
Reports & Charts
Attendance Logs
1.Web Punch/Bulk Punch
2.Standalone Time-Clock
3.Desktop Timeclock
4.Import Attendance logs
6.Proximity Card

SmartSuite Community Version gives you

  • Available 51+ Reports
  • Works on Desktop/Server
  • Context Help
  • Attendance History
  • User Permissions
  • Windows/Linux Compatible

System Requirements

CPU: Minimum 1.6GHz or more
RAM: 500MB free recommended
HDD: Min. 100MB required including WAMP/XAMPP


For complete information on SmartSuite Software, please check our website here - SmartSuite Information

Our SmartSuite Software can easily be integrated with time attendance devices. BioEnable supports multiple different hardware devices to increase efficiency for employees punching in/out, job costing, and invoicing. You can know more about the integration here - Hardware Support

In case you don't have the supported hardware, you will have to purchase the same.

To know about the product installation, please check this page - SmartSuite Installation

You can also try out the product demo here -  SmartSuite Demo 

You can use these login details to check out the demo version :

For admin login

username : admin@bioenabletech.com
password : admin123

For employee login

username : user@bioenabletech.com
password : user

To download our SmartSuite Software, please check our downloads page here - SmartSuite Downloads 

On downloads page, you can also find related presentations and videos on various modules of the smartsuite software.

Call Now : 020-66813623
Toll Free : 1800 209 2131
Email: aks@bioenabletech.com

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SmartSuite Software Quick Enquiry Below :


TimeTRONIX Desk Software

Timetronix Software

TimeTRONIX Desk is Biometric Time Clock & Attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employees attendance. Instead of employees punching a time-card, they simply place their thumb into the reader and enter their employee number. TimeTRONIX Desk software does the rest!

How will it save your company money?

TimeTRONIX Desk is a simple solution that pays for itself over and over again by allowing your company to:  
  • Automate payroll processing
  • Eliminate buddy-punching
  • Eliminate time-cards
  • Eliminate early punch-ins
  • Eliminate unauthorized overtime
  • Eliminate hours of payroll calculations
  • Accurately reports employee time/attendance to Payroll & HR  


  • Highly intuitive Set-Up Wizard that will get you up and running quickly.
  • User friendly appearance requires less time to get you educated for the software.
  • Flexible Shift timing can be defined with allowed grace time for late coming and early going. Also supports multiple breaks with a configurable Lunch break.
  • Weekly Off (e.g. Sunday) and a Weekly Half-day (e.g. Saturday) with specific timings, can be easily defined.
  • Supports shift rotation. Consorted with A report that displays Shift Roaster of employee(s) for selected dates.
  • Easy Configuration of Company Holidays.
  • Limited Leave quota management, that allows to assign Leave day(s) quota to employees. Consorted with “Leave Balance” report to track balance leave day(s) of employees.
  • “Scheduler” – a module to Automate the execution of predetermined instructions such as Data collection and Processing it at certain times of the day, such as after office hours or when the facility is closed down. Procedures can be set to run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or for specific dates and times.
  • Invalid or missing punches can be detected by an Exception Report and can be corrected by a Log management module. For better reporting.
  • Reports are available in two different formats, (i) MS-Excel sheets (ii) Comma separate text (CSV)
  • 25 Different reports with total 150 + number of Total reports available.

System Requierements

  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
  • CPU - Pentium III 800 MHz or later (Pentium IV 1 GHz or later Recommended)
  • RAM - 128 MB or more (256 MB Recommended)
  • Hard Disk space - 25 MB for software installation. 1 GB + for smooth running of software.
  • Database - MS Access Database (.MDB)
  • Software - MS Office (if using MS-Excel based reporting)


Drastically Reduces Payroll Processing Cost

  • Eliminates paper cards and all cost associated with paper cards (cards, ribbons, etc.)
  • Reduces time needed to verify attendance data
  • Reduces time needed to calculate and process payroll
  • Eliminates mistakes in calculating work hours and other human errors (manual reentering, etc.)

Eliminates "Buddy-Punching"

  • Biometric HandReaders provide with highest level of security
  • Impossible to punch in or out for somebody else

Helps Managers and Supervisors Control Overtime

  • Enforces company rounding rules and policies for multiple shifts and departments
  • Provides reports identifying overtime usage for better control
  • Keeps historical data to analyze trends and labor costs

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time labor data availability - no more waiting days and weeks to get latest labor costs.

For more information on TimeTRONIX Desk software, please visit our page here - Time TRONIX Desk Overview


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