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FAQs -TimeScan
  • What is Log on/off feature?

Purpose of Time Attendance recorder is to collect attendance log of employees which include his ID, Time etc. There is one log created per transaction. Logs are used to create time attendance reports.

For Access control systems where purpose is not Time Attendance or tracking, this feature can be put off. This make it easy to manage the system and avoid management work related to logs.

In case TimeScan is connected on network it will immediately transfer the log to the server, else it has memory to save logs in its memory (approx. 5000 logs) and later transfer it to server when connected.

  • Distance limitation between server and terminal?

Terminal can be considered as PC in a network . Hence all those limitations that are applicable for PC in a network will be applicabe to TimeScan .
In case of network,if "Active Hub" is used, the distance upto which PC/TimeScan can be connected is approx. 100mts.
In case if the distance between server and TimeScan is more then 100mts ,we can connect one more "Active Hub" after 100mts to strengthen the signal.
If a PC is dedicated to TimeScan ,distance between PC and TimeScan unit should be as less as possible .
TimeScan support 10 Base-T Ethernet network. TimeScan can communicate with max. speed of 10Mbps which is more then sufficient for its data transfer. Most computers today can communicate with upto speed upto 100MBps.

Active Hub should be called standard Switch/Hub

For easy understanding, network administrators should consider TimeScan as any other computer on network.

Also remember that in order to establish communication with BioSecure Remote manager software an extra setting called "Server IP" should be done in TimeScan. "Server IP" means IP address of the server/computr on which BioSecure Remote manager is installed.

Gateway: Gateway should be standard network gateway like used in all your network computer settings. The Server/Computer where BioSecure Remote manager is installed is considered as Server and not as Gateway.

  • Where are external inputs and outputs provided by TimeScan?

Time Scan is advanced Time Attendance recorder and provide following communication inputs and outputs:

1. RJ45 10 base-T Ethernet - communication port

2. Wiegand input for connecting any 26bit wiegand card reader like RF proximity card readers

3. Wiegand output. In case you intend to install TimeScan in existing RF proximity card network, wiegand output provide you option to connect timescan output to Controller. Hence you can achieve fingerprint security without disturbing your existing network.

4. Relay and Door options: TimeScan provide NO, NC and common contacts along with Door sensor and Door exit button. Please note that in current production version, the feature of Door sensor is de-activated internally.

There is a Jumper JP11 available near relay connector which give 12VDC power supply to common of relay. This is for connecting low-end electric strike and EM locks without extra power supply. If jumper is removed, then NO, NC and Common work like standard relay contacts and can be used for multiple purposes. In case you are going to use relay for anything other then low-end EM locks and Electric strikes, you should remove JP11 Jumper else relay circuit may get permanently damaged.

Fire Alarm sensor: TimeScan has alarm sensor input, where it can sense the Fire alarm input and fire the relay so that the door is open for fast exit.

Other inputs/outputs: There are few reserved inputs/outputs in the system.

  • How does TimeScan work?

TimeScan is a Biometric Fingerprint recognition based networked Time Attendance System. TimeScan has inbuilt CPU, LAN network ports, LCD, keypad, Fingerprint scanner, storage memory and software. Hence it is nearly like a small computer programmed for Recording Attendance of Employees.

TimeScan comes with Remote Manager software to be installed on the server, which manage all TimeScan terminals connected on a single network. Proper network configuration of TimeScan and this software is required for them to establish communication. This software is always running in the background on the server and continuously monitor all timescan terminals. This software also allow you to configure and register Fingerprints in TimeScan.

After installation, your HR manager or Administrator is expected to prepare a list of all employees with their numeric employee IDs. Once the list is prepared, each employee is called one by one to the terminal and registration is done using features available in TimeScan menu. At the time of registration finger is scanned twice, these can be same finger of two different fingers. You can also give optional password to employees which they can use in case they have problem verifying fingers. In case you have connected external RF card reader to TimeScan, you can also register and issue cards to your employees.

Once registered, employees can appraoch the terminal, enter their employee ID from keypad, press enter, or show their card and then place finger on the scanner for verification. In case number of employees are less then 250 you can also use 1:N matching, where you just press enter and place finger. But 1:N mathcing should be only used in case you do not have rejection problems and employee fingers verify easily.

TimeScan is very powerful system and can support 1:N matching for upto 1000 users in few seconds but 1:N matching is optional feature and is not recommended for factory or labour environments.

On successful verification a transaction log is generated which include employee ID, terminal ID, date and time. This transaction log is instantly sent to the server. Server maintains database of logs from all timescan terminals which can be used by Time Attendance software(available saperately) to generate TimeAttendance reports.

TimeAttendance reports can be further used with Payroll software(not supplied) to generate monthly payroll.

  • How to overcome this error message "Device Open Failed ! - NBioAPIERROR_DEVICE_OPEN_FAIL[0] "

When Registering Users with Fingerprint option through RM Software, and you recieve following Message
"Device Open Failed ! - NBioAPIERROR_DEVICE_OPEN_FAIL[0]"
This indicates whether the Hamster (USB Based Fingerprint Device) is Either Not Connected or not functioning.
If Hamster is not Procured with TimeScan, Please do the Registration from TimeScan itself and then Propagate data to other terminals (Refer to TimeScanUserGuide for more details)
If you have Connected Hamster to the USB Port, Check the following

1.  Click on “Start” >> “Run” and type “SGD.exe” à Press Enter to run this Diagnostic utility

2. Click on “Image” tab

3. Press “Init” Button (After pressing this button STATUS BAR Shud reflect Success message, Otherwise the Device is not Working)

4. If step 3 is a Success, then click on “Capture” button to test the Image captured by Hamster (Fingerprint Device).

  • Is Hamster necessary in order to register a user?

a. If the terminal /TimeScan is used in SO (stand alone ) mode ,there is no need of hamster for registering user’s.
b. If the terminal is used in NL/NS mode and user registration is taking place at server end ,, then we will require hamster connected to the server PC.

Note: Hamster will only be required if “FP” option is used for authentication

  • Can I change the IP address of the terminal without reinstallation or rescanning of the employee fingers & month attendance data should also remain as it is ?

You can change the IP address of the terminal without reinstallation or rescanning of the employee fingers & your monthly attendance data will also remain as it is .
How to change/edit the IP address at terminal end and server end is clearly explained in "TerminalUserManual.pdf" "softwareUserManual.pdf". These pdf files are present in the "Bioenable CD" in "Guide" folder or u can also download these files from our website:- http://bioenabletech.com/downloads/timescan/
You will have to take care about following things:

1. Change the IP Address of Terminal with appropriate Subnet Mask, Do remember to put Gateway IP Address in case of Multiple LANs, By default Gateway IP Address is

2. It will be important for u to change the Subnet Mask accordingly.

3. Plz check the IP address of the server entered in Terminal is same as the IP address of server , if not plz enter the correct IP address at Terminal End.

4. If you are going to use afirewall,it might happen that the port required for the terminal get blocked.(default port number : 05251),so make sure that the port on which the Timescan is running is free & not blocked or used by any other device.

NOTE: Changing IP address does not delete the User Data from the Terminal, If U Change the "Terminal ID" then only the User and Log data will be deleted from the Terminal.

  • Fingerprint rejections in cold season

It is observed that in cold season, Fingerprint skin develop many abnormalities which can lead to much higher rejections of the fingerprints on terminals. This will effect use of fingerprint terminals. Effect is expected to be different in different places. In north Indian it is expected to be more.

Dry skin: Finger skin become dry and hard, In order to prevent inner parts of body from cold, the outer skin become dry. Dry skin can develop lot of abnormalities like skin peeling, skin cracks, white dead skin on surface etc.

This lead to deformation of many minutiae points on the finger and scanned image of finger can go under unexpected changes beyond the capabilities of fingerprint algorithms to handle them.

This will lead to lot of rejection of fingers. This can be handled in following ways:

1. Re-register/update the fingerprint of the user. On re-registering the deformations will be neglected by fingerprint algorithm and new visible minutiae points will be registered.

2. In case the skin problem is severe with the finger being used, then you can change the finger itself to some other one.

If the skin peeling and new dead skin keep developing multiple re-registration would be required.

  • Can we deactivate bunch of users at the same time and activate them again at the terminal?

Deactivating/deleting the users permanently and temporarily are two different things , which can be achieved only if the terminal is in NL mode. In SO mode the feature of temporary deletion is not possible.
Deleting users from terminal database is called as temporary deletion .Deleting users from server database is called as permanent deletion.

Temporary Deletion:- If such is the case then this can be achieved as follows

1. Go to remote manager software

2. From the information management window select "Terminal Management "

3. From the list of terminals select the terminal from which u want to delete the users temporarily.

4. Right click on that terminal

5. From the pop up menu select "properties"

6. In the properties window u will find the list of submenu

7. From this submenu select "Users list"

8. You will see the users present on that particular terminal.

9. To delete bunch of users ,click on the "Change" button

10. A window having two grids will appear in front of u.
Note: The list of users present in upper grid indicates the users available in server database but not in terminal database , while the list of users that appears in lower grid indicates the users present in server as well as terminal database.

11. Select the users u want to delete from the lower grid. More then one user can be selected by pressing the shift key on your keyboard.

12. After the users are selected click on the delete button .
Note:- when the deletion process is completed u will see that those deleted users will appear in the upper grid & not in the lower grid.

13. In future if it is decided to reactivate those users then follow the above mentioned steps from 1 to 10 and then follow step 14

14. Select the users from the upper grid and click Add button .after the process of adding is completed u will find those added users will appear in the lower grid

Permanent Deletion:-

1. go to information management window

2. select the User management from the list.

3. from the list of users select the users u want to delete permanently.

4. right click , a pop up window will appear from which select "delete" option.

  • Syncronization error is getting generated.

This message occurs only when the users information mismatch is present between terminal and server.
In this case use"Run Synchronization"
utility.To run this utility go to
Remote Manager>>Information Management Window >> Terminal management >> Select the terminal which is giving this message >> right click on that terminal >> from the pop up menu select "Run Synchronization"
A comparison window will appear in front of u ,showing the list of users ID present in terminal on one side while the other side will contain the list of users ID persent on server side.You will also find that some of the users are marked/checked on the server side.Users to be modified are shown with check marks on both side lists.Users to be deleted are shown by check marks on terminal user list.Users to be added are shown by check marks on server user list.
Now click on Synchronize button to synchronize the users.

  • If administrator forgot his password then is their any way to enter the menu ? If yes then how? (Note :- data inside the terminal should be preserved)

If admin forgets his password and if password was made must at the time of admin registration, and the terminal is being used in SO mode, then there system needs to be sent to BioEnable in Pune for factory initialization. in case of NL mode, it is possible to load one more admin in the terminal from server and start using it, or we can also reset the password of the existing admin from server.

Hence it is recommended to always use TimeScan in NL mode and avoid SO mode as far as posible.

  • Can we manage the terminal using WAN network ? If yes how?

WAN yes it is possible to run TimeScan in WAN network. Gateway of the TimeScan must be configured properly as per WAN network requirements. If done properly it should be also possible to connect TimeScan on the internet. Firewalls are the major problems as TimeScan uses non-standard ports for communication which might be banned in your firewall.

In case you think you have any corporate networking related issues, you are first suggested to test TimeScan using acrossover lan cable directly with your PC. Do not tamper with the unit or network connector, this may damage the unit.

  • How the process is internally caried out by the Timescan? How the hardware is used & how the software is used by timescan?

TimeScan is advanced network capable device and has inbuilt ethernet . TimeScan act like a network device and can interact directly with the server if available in the same network, else it can also communicate through gateway. TimeScan use winsock TCP/Ip connection directly with the serer using its own proprietary TCP/Ip enabled communication protocol on non-standard ports. In case these ports are banned in your firewal, it may not be able to communicate with server. Server client architecture is very useful as you can control all functionalities of the device from the network itself. it also give centralized management architecture useful for large corporates.
TimeScan can be used in large corporate networks and integrated with existing systems.



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