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fingerprint reader

Check the Products, Systems, Services, Solutions related to fingerprint reader. BioEnable offer wide range of solutions and services for fingerprint reader. Visit our News section above for latest news, or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for updates on fingerprint reader.

USB Fingerprint Scanner – Live Fingerprint Scanner

Fingkey Hamster is largest selling USB Fingerprint scanner  since last 10 years. It has been used in over 500 Government & Civil ID Projects. Its known for its scratch proof surface, crystal clear fingerprint images and e...
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Goverment Identification India

Civil Identification

For national security and preventing fraud, governments need a dependable identification system and they can get this by using multi-biometric recognition solutions. Examples of such solutions include:   Biometric technolo...
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fingerprint reader india

Fingerprint Scanner & Fingerprint Reader from BioEnable Check USB Fingerprint scanner & Fingerprint reader cum mouse from BioEnable. We offer FBI IAFIS certified fingerprint reader, PIV complaint fingerprint scanner, STQC certified fingerprint scanner...
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STQC Certificate for enBioScan-C1

                            Fingerprint Scanner enBioScan-C1 , a special scanner from BioEnable  will be the most flexible and user friendly product in the indu...
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Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)

  Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is a information technology system for reading, matching, searching and storing fingerprints, hand palm prints, latent prints and other demographic data. It has the nec...
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Dry finger issues in Winter

In winter season it is observed that several people are not able to register or verify their fingerprints on fingerprint scanning systems like Time attendance recorder or Access controller. This problem is normally observed in...
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VAR-India: BioScan10 widely accepted for UID Aadhar Project

BioEnable Technologies has announced that BioScan10, the UID Certified Ten. Fingerprint Scanner for UID Aadhar Project is getting widely accepted across the Country with different UID Enrollment Agencies for its high quality an...
by BioEnable


BioEnable Single Eye Iris Scanner – Bioenable Iris One

BioEnable launches Single eye Iris Scanner called “Bioenable Iris one”. Bioenable Iris one is the first Iris scanner to be designed & manufactured by an Indian company. With this product we have joined the selec...
by Bioenable

Access Control System

Network access control

Network access control is a loom towards computer network security system. Network access control uses set of rules that commands the communication within the network. These rules or protocols define the implementation of polic...
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attendance machine

Thumb impression attendance system

One of the widely used access control biometric machines in any technology oriented organization is thumb impression attendance system. Nowadays, to avoid proxy attendance or duplicate voting most employers use thumb impression...
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Time Attendance System in India

Access control in India

Access control in India is an important issue for anyone to secure their resources. Security is one of the main concerns so that one can prevent secret and sensitive properties from unauthorized access. From the modern point of...
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Web based time time attendance Software

USB Fingerprint Reader: Portability and Security Right at Your Fingertips

Do you know that a USB fingerprint reader can help you a lot in your business? Through this portable fingerprint optical scanner, you no longer have to manually log the attendance of your employees. Moreover, access to the work...
by BioEnable


UID Aadhar Device BioScan10

Electronics Today: UID Aadhaar BioScan10 launched by BioEnable

BioScan10 launched by BioEnable BioEnable is a leading Indian company working in the field of advanced electronic Identification, Automation and Tracking solutions. Founded in year 2001, we have customers in over 50 countries w...
by BioEnable

BioEnable BioScan10 in Fire & Safety India

Fire & Safety Security India (Magazine): Bioenable launches Bioscan 10 UID ADHAAR

Fire & Safety Security India Magazine has covered launch of BioEnable BioScan10 UID, Aadhaar Fingerprint scanner BioEnable has introduced an identification fingerprint scanner certified by Standardization, Testing and Quali...
by BioEnable


USB Fingerprint Reader: Portability and Security Right at Your Fingertips

Through this portable fingerprint optical scanner, you no longer have to manually log the attendance of your employees. Moreover, access to the work area can also be limited to the authorized employees only. You can secure ever...
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