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Systems and SDK Integration

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of hundreds of biometric vendors and products, BioEnable integrates and deploys biometric technologies such as fingerprint, facial recognition, and voice recognition within a range of applications and operating environments. Biometrics are rarely a plug-and-play solution, especially when authenticating hundreds or thousands of users in a complex environment. BioEnable Technology Solutions professional evaluate client requirements and existing infrastructures, identifies the best set of technologies for a given application, and provides whatever custom functionality is necessary to satisfy our clients' needs.

One of Biometrics Integrated's strongest differentiators is its capabilities at every level of biometric system operations.

  • Evaluation and optimization of feature extraction and matching algorithms, the fundamental building block of any biometric system

  • Standards-compliant system architecture: BioAPI, BAPI, x9.84, CBEFF, B10.8, ANSI standards, FBI Appendices, and other emerging efforts

  • Development of proprietary symmetric key technology for encryption of biometric data

  • Evaluation of biometric applications, determining whether they are suitable for deployment in real-world environments  

  • Integrating biometric functions into 3rd party systems and applications, transactional, financial services, security, identification, smart card, human resources

  • Custom infrastructure development using multiple technologies, input devices, and matching algorithms

  • Evaluation of vendor SDKs for integration into custom solutions

  • Image enhancement and optimization technologies and routines

Biometrics Integrated has evaluated and integrated dozens of biometric vendors SDKs into 3rd party applications, and can quickly incorporate nearly any biometric solution or technology into custom or proprietary applications. BioEnable has also developed toolkits allowing us to access biometric functions in a standardized fashion, this provides our clients with a simpler migration path to new technologies, and reduces the likelihood of falling victim to technology obsolescence. 

Contact Biometrics Integrated  to learn more about how our Systems and SDK Integration capabilities and experience can help your organization integrate biometric within your current product offerings.


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