Iris recognition System

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Iris recognition System


[quote]BioEnable offers stylish Iris Recognition system for use for wide range of applications like Access control, Time Attendance, Visitor verification, Visa & UID aadhaar authentication.[/quote]

Iris recognition system use cutting-edge Iris recognition technology to identify the enrolled users in seconds and take actions like open doors, record transaction with timestamp and send alerts.




Features – Iris recognition system

  • Full standing design for easy Iris recognition
  • High-speed Iris matching
  • Optional touchscreen interface
  • Multi door Access control



Benefits – iris recognition system

  • Highly accurate iris matching
  • High speed image capture
  • Easy to use in both indoor and outdoor environment
  • Suitable for Commercial & Government applications

Applications – iris recognition system

  • Office access control
  • High security access control
  • Visa / Immigration Entry/Exit
  • Border control security
  • Crowd management and identification
  • UID aadhaar Iris recognition system


Searches related to iris recognition system

  • Iris recognition system using matlab: BioEnable use highend professional algorithms for Iris recognition for high speed matching but we can also help you develop Iris recognition pattern matching solutions based on Matlab.
  • Iris recognition system using statistical features for biometric identification: Iris recognition system involve capturing an high resolution focused image of an eye. Further the Iris pattern is extracted and put thru statistical features for biometric identification.
  • Iris recognition system ppt/iris recognition system pdf: We offer presentation (ppt) & (Pdf) on Iris recognition technology along with details of how our iris recognition system can help you. Do contact our sales or fill the enquiry form above.
  • Iris recognition system cost: Iris recognition is costlier then fingerprint recognition but is considered accurate and useful for many applications. Iris recognition scanner/camera may cost USD200 onwards though full scale kiosk may cost USD2000.
  • Iris recognition system project: Please contact us to discus your iris recognition project. Our team will be happy to assist you.
  • Iris recognition system download: We have wide range of Iris recognition software available for identification, verification, membership management, time attendance, access control and border control applications. contact us to try our iris recognition software.
  • Iris recognition camera – BioEnable design and manufacture Iris recognition camera for single eye scanning.