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NAC 2500

Designed and produced using outstanding fingerprint recognition technology NAC2500 fingerprint recognition Access control system is capable of speedy and accurate authentication of fingerprint data.
With this product have we made it possible for you to build a more improved and efficient security system for a lower installation cost.
in addition, this product offers you enterprise level entry management and employees' work hour management with its LAN communication-based network structure and enhanced server management program

Product name Model Model name Contents



NAC-2500S Standard type
NAC-2500R HID Card type
NAC-2500M MIFARE card type


NAC-2500MS MIFARE SOC card type

Card reader

NAC-2500MC MIFARE Card reader
NAC-2500RC HID Card reader

S/R/M/C Type


  • Capable of supporting various communication protocols, it can be used in numerous application areas.

 - TCP/IP : compatible with access manager(OPTION)
- RS-485: Functions with your company’s custom controller
- Wiegand
▷ In : Functions with card readers currently in use
▷ Out : Provides various portions of formats, User ID or Card ID output

  • Suitable for employees’ work hour management with the function keys provided

 - Provides four separate keys/ keys can be used in combination
(starting work and finishing work, going out, returning to work, etc)

  • Enhanced user configuration feature (ID digits, sensor option, operation mode, etc)

  • Enhanced User Convenience

 - Auto-on
- Provides Shortcut ID / Group Matching Feature
- LCD : 2 line graphic LCD (supports various languages)
- LED : Status LED 2 each, Authentication result LED 1 each
- Voice Guide : Voice Output

  • Supports various authentication media, making it possible to configure as required by different security methods.

- Fingerprint/Password/RF card (option: HID, MIFARE), combined use is possible

Section R/M Type MS Type MC/RC Type


Size 90(W)*205(L)*50(H)
Sensor type Optical Optical Type X
Resolution 500 [DPI] X
Authentication Mode Mode 1:1, 1:N, Short ID Matching

1:1 Matching

Fact Fingerprint, Password, RF card (HID, MIFARE compatible) Fingerprint, Password, MIFARE SOC Password, RF card (HID, MIAFRE)
Time Less than 1 second
Operation Mode SO Stand-alone x x
NS Server matching Terminal matching
Environment Temperature -20 ~ 60 [oC]
Power 12 / 24 [V]
Maximum no. of registrations 2,000 Users (1 fingerprint per 1 user) 20,000 Users (1 fingerprint per 1 user) 10,000 Users
Log 3,000 ea
Authentication Rate FRR : 1/1,000 , FAR : 1/100,000
Function Key F1,F2,F3,F4
Communication TCP/IP, Wiegand Input / Output, RS-485
Certification MIC, CE, FCC

MS Type:

Item R/M Type MS Type MC/RC Type
Authentication Mode 1:1, 1:N, Short ID Matching 1:1 matching 1:1 matching
Fact Fingerprint, Password, RF card (HID, MIFARE compatible) Fingerprint, Password, MIFARE SOC Password, MIFARE SOC, RF Card
Operation SO Stand alone x x
NL Server(1:1)/Terminal(1:1, 1:N) matching Terminal(1:1) matching Terminal(1:1) matching
Maximum no. of registrations 2,000 Users (1 fingerprint per 1 user) 20,000 Users (1 fingerprint per 1 user) 10,000 Users(1 fingerprint per 1 user)
Auto-on 0 x x


  • Fingerprint

No. Product Contents etc
1 NAC2500 Fingerprint / Card Access Controller 1
2 AccessManager Classify with other existing AccessManager
3 Card Manager Card creation, basic information (key value include) transmit to ACM  
  • Card

No. Product Contents etc
1 Card Writer (RF R/W device) Issuing Card key, fingerprint, personal info.  
2 MIFARE card Access Control management program



  • Use of existing cards (Must have enough capacity of the memory)

  • SoC Type operates with AccessManager SOC only, also NAC2500-SOC will not operate with other
    NAC2500 or NAC3000 A/C Series

System Structure


Type of Options






Network module
Network module

supports TCP/IP

Supports RF card

High frequency card reader

supports MIFARE

supports MIFARE SOC (TCP/IP)

Low frequency card reader
supports HID
RF card reader



MC (Mifare Card Reader)/RC HID Card Reader)


Door Control

Door Control


Authentication Server: AccessManager Enterprise

With the Access Server, Remote Manager, and Remote Monitor, this product created a program that is capable of user management and monitoring. You can connect up to 255 terminals in a network, and verification is possible at the server, by using its own DB. In addition, it comes with remote control features, so that you can register and monitor users even in places other than the room where the server is installed.

Product name


Access Server / Remote manager / Remote monitor
Max Terminals
255 units / network
No. of Remote Clients
8 units
OS Windows 98SE / 2000/ ME / XP / 2000 Server
Max User in DB
10,000 users (two fingerprints per individual user)


Recommended Applications

We Supply: Fingerprints access controller and time recorder, time attendance products, access control products, Electricstrikes, EMlocks, Electromagnetic door locks, Electro-magnetic locks, Biometric security products
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