NAC-5000 Face is a multi-modal biometric solution enable with Fingerprint, Face Recognition system,  RFID & Password that comes with accurate and rapid matching speed for stable Time Attendance and Door Access control.

NAC5000 face recognition system  is designed to be performed on the 5.7 inches TFT touch screen which is convenient to display the important notice and OEM logo and user friendly interface includes R232/485, TCP/IP, and optional WiFi and USB.


NAC5000 Face offers you enterprise level of Entry and Time Attendance management with its LAN communication-based network infrastructure enabling integrated monitoring and systematic management of multiple terminals operated independently on a remote location and SDK to be easily integrated with customer’s application.



Features -  NAC5000 Face Recognition System
  •  5.7 inch true Color LCD with Touch Screen 

->  Large LCD enable for company logo, important notice.

->  Fingerprint and Face quality display

  • Face Technology

->  Face Detection

->  Face Recognition

->  Multi-modal enhanced security

  • Auto-on function with Live Finger Detection

->  Recognizes fake fingerprint

->  Silicon & rubber fingers detected, distinguished from real human fingers

->  Automatically activated when finger placed on sensor

  •  Wireless LAN (optional)

->  Easy to install in anywhere

  •   USB Memory Slot

->   User Information & Log data Up/Download

->   Firmware Upgrade

  •  Built-in Camera (optional)

->  Takes picture every time log event occurs

->  Face recognition

  • Large scale system

->  Max 2,000 terminals connected in one network

Specification -  NAC5000 Face Recognition System
CPU 32-bit / 620MHz
Memory 8MB Flash + 256 DRAM
Display 5.7inch VGA Color / Touch-screen
1:N fingerprint identification time Less than 1 sec (4,000 templates)
Fingerprint template capacity 40,000 fp. templates
Face template capacity 3,000 templates
Log capacity up to 100,000
Network interface TCP/IP, RS-485, Wireless LAN (option)
PC Interface USB, RS-232
USB memory slot Supports
Camera Embedded
Fake/latent fingerprint recognition Available
Size 167 x 146 x 52 (W x H x D) mm
Certificate KCC, CE, FCC


Models - NAC5000 Face Recognition System

  • NAC5000 S - Standard Model with Fingerprint & Passwords options
  • NAC5000 M - Model with Fingerprint, Password & Mifare 13.56Mhz Cards options
  • NAC5000 R - Model with Fingerprint, Password & HID/EM Card 125Khz options
  • NAC5000 Face -  NAC5000 + Face Recognition (NAC5000 S Face/ NAC5000 M Face/ NAC5000 R Face)
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Its also known as Face Recognition time attendance, face matching system, face detection system, Face & finger attendance system, Biometric face access control.