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biometrics ppt

Check the Products, Systems, Services, Solutions related to biometrics ppt. BioEnable offer wide range of solutions and services for biometrics ppt. Visit our News section above for latest news, or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for updates on biometrics ppt.
Hamster SDK for Android

Hamster SDK for Android

            There are following files are available in this dowmloading folder. To download “Android_BioEnable_Hamster” Prerequirements These are some prerequirements of which are required Andr...
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Single Sign On(SSO) for Oracle Apps

          Single sign-on (SSO) is a user/session authentication process that permits a user to enter one name and password in order to access multiple applications. The process authenticates the user fo...
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e-Shakti Project – Bihar NREGA

e-Shakti project in Bihar through its biometric attendance and wage disbursement at worksite has empowered the NREGA workers.   To resolve the challenges, project e- Shakti was conceived by the state chief minister. The g...
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Passport Seva Project

  The Passport Seva Project aims The PSP has been launched in Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) mode with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as Service Provider. Passport Seva enables simple, efficient and transparent processe...
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Border Control India

Border control security solutions

Through Biometrics integrated ID cards and e-passports, international travel and trade can be secured from criminal activities. BioEnable offer Border control security solutions based on biometric, smart cards, RFID & image...
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Crime Data

Criminal Identification

Biometric solution, when used in law enforcement, offers many solutions through several devices like wireless fingerprint capture scanners, etc. It also helps in identifying background records when dealing with criminals.  ...
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Client ID india

Consumer Identification

Biometric provides the solution for consumers’ identification by protecting their assets and enhancing the quality and productivity of life.         By incorporating biometrics in banking sector, consumers...
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Biometric Security solution

Biometric security system with Biometric reader and software

BioEnable offer Biometric security systems for Biometric Time attendance, Biometric access control, Biometric Identification applications. Biometric system consist of Biometric Reader and Biometric software along with Biometric...
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CIVIL ID , Criminal ID KIT

Biometric Enrollment kits for Civil ID, Criminal ID projects like UID Aadhaar

Biometric Enrollment Kits (or Fingerprint Enrollment Kit) are used to enroll large groups of people for certain schemes mostly promoted by Government & NGOs. They are used widely for enrolling citizens by local or central g...
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Bioaccess v3

Biometric Access Control BioAccess v3 – Fingerprint access control system India

BioEnable offer advanced Access control systems based on Biometrics Fingerprint technologies..BioAccess v3 is the New Age Access Controller with all Fingerprint, Card and Password Option. With its High-definition color LCD disp...
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The Crime and Criminal Tracking Network Systems* (CCTNS) was conceptualized by the Ministry of Home Affairs in detailed consultation with all stakeholders and will be implemented as a “Mission Mode Project (MMP)” and will...
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criminal identification system


  A feature common to most of the early efforts has been a predominant focus on collection of data as required by the monitoring agencies and on specific functions such as records management, statistical analysis and off...
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Biometric Fingerprint Safe

Biometric Safes – (Biometric Fingerprint Safes) – are the latest trend in home and office  security systems.  Biometric Safes offer the same security and features of traditional PIN combination or key lock safes; ...
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Palm Vein Time Attendance & Access control system

BioEnable offer Palm Vein Time Attendance & Access control system with advanced Touchscreen & Multimedia interface. Our Palm vein technology offer cutting edge palm vein system for wide range of applications like Patien...
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finger vein access control

Finger vein access control

Finger vein access control helps organizations to control the accessibility of sensitive information on the basis of biometric authentication. Since finger vein access control makes important information available only to authe...
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