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BioImaging software converts fingerprint image to .jpg or .bmp format. Thus with the help of this software user can store fingerprints images on the system.

Hardware requirement :

  • Computer (PII,128 RAM or more)
  • Fingerprint Scanner

Getting Started

Installation information:

  • Double click on the “My Computer” icon on the desktop.

  • Browse CD from CD ROM

  • Inside CD there is one folder called as “Bio-Imaging”. Go inside this folder and run setup.exe to install this software on the PC.

  • Just click on the next button while you are installing the software, & at the last step click on the “finish” button to finish installation.

After setup gets completed it will create following icon on the desktop. Just double click on the “Bio-Imaging” icon on the desktop to start software.

start the scanner

Double click on this icon to start the software

How to Use Software

Installation information:

User should click on the “initialize scanner” button to start the scanner

In this screen user should click on the capture button to capture images.

In this screen click on the “save as” button to save the image in “.bmp” format. Note: By default for storage of fingerprint it takes path for storage as “c:\program files\BioEnable Technologies\Bio-Imaging\Fingers”.

Give some name for that file and click on the save button to store that image on PC.

Click on the “Capture & Save” button to capture & Save image at the same time.

Click on the “Config” button to configure the brightness of the finger.

Click on the preview button to take the snap of the finger & to change its settings according to that

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