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Biometrics ChipSilicon M2M Wirelessintegrated GPSintegrated Aerotag


Aerotag RFID Server Features

  • Registration of tags as personal tag,vehicle tag or asset tag with associated Information.
  • Registration of multiple software users, groups , departments ,readers and zones .
  • Server security authentication mechanisms and change log history per user.
  • Automatic discovery of readers on the network and addressing.
  • Simple Plug and Play operation of readers with server on applying power.
  • Diagnostic checks implemented to detect hardware functioning of networked readers from server .
  • Tag low battery status is reported immediately with sufficient time to replace batteries.
  • Software takes automatic back-ups at user configurable time schedules. Manual backup of database is also offered.
  • Software has ability to control devices installed near readers via control of two relays.
  • Panic Button on every reader is provided for emergency assistance from central monitoring server.
  • Multiple connectivity options via serial ,ethernet and wireless for server to reader connectivity.
  • User configurable message pop-up on server for events like button press on RFID reader.
  • User searchable database with configurable search on any field like TAG ID, asset informaton among others.
  • Button "Press" detection feature on server as safety feature on personal tags.
  • Detection of tags reported and localized based on reader which detects the tags.
  • Readers can be clubbed together to form zones which cover bulding floors, parking lots etc.
  • Registration of details like groups, departments ,social security number among others for complete tracking of people.
  • Registration of details like Vehcle ID, Owner, Registration Number among others for complete tracking of vehicles
  • .System log Information is available i.e. the software captures all the important events and store them.

Customizable Features

  • Server can be used for time attendance applications.
  • Possibility to register PhotoID's of people and images of locations and zones.
  • Voice alerts configurable for different tag detection events for security.
  • Interface to Ethernet webcams for security monitoring.
  • Ability to integrate Building Floorplans to display precise location on them.
  • Database interface to integrate seamlessly with ERP syatems via Enterprise Application Interface (EAI) using loosely coupled architechtures based on SOAP and XML.


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