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Aerotag Active Tag Operation

Wireless Integrated, a division of Bioenable has designed and developed unique Active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) products that work together to provide a new approach to tracking and security. We understand the human tracking and logistics problems that today's businesses face, and our staff is dedicated to efficiently applying RFID to solve these problems.

Wireless Integrated has launched its new innovative Active RFID products based range Aerotag on 433MHz UHF frequency.

Active RFID Tag:
Tag is a match box size device or something like RF car remote that can be either carried by a person or mounted on a asset or vehicle. Tag consist of electronics circuit, antenna and small coin cell battery for power. Active RF tag can communicate from 10m distance.

AeroTag Operation

Aerotag RFID Tag

  • The Aerotag is a small, lightweight, power efficient wireless device that attaches to assets , equipment ,vehicles or can be carried by people  for real-time tracking.
  • The Aerotag's have an on-board battery that provides 1.5 year autonomy and long detection range(5 meters) as compared to passive tags which draw power from field around them.
  • Each tag contains unique factory programmed identification number (UID) which is used to identify and locate the object associated with the tag in the environment by the server side software.
  • The tags have advanced anti-collision routines which allow tags to operate  in multi-tag fields.
  • The tag have a self diagnostic low battery detect feature which detects battery discharge status. The tag automatically sends the low battery status to the reader when battery reaches low charge which routes it to the Aerotag server software so that tags with discharged batteries can be identified and replaced.
  • Also the a button version of tag is available which contains three push buttons.When the tag owner presses the button, tag immediately report this action to the reader which routes it to the server .These have been introduced with request from customers in healthcare applications like fast response in attending to patients in emergency conditions and in reporting personal security threat situations for tag holders among  others. Status of the buttons On\Off is reported to server from the tags.


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