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Aerotag Active RFID Tags

Wireless Integrated, a division of Bioenable has designed and developed unique Active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) products that work together to provide a new approach to tracking and security. We understand the human tracking and logistics problems that today's businesses face, and our staff is dedicated to efficiently applying RFID to solve these problems.

Wireless Integrated has launched its new innovative Active RFID products based range Aerotag on 433MHz UHF frequency.


Please download latest updates & presentations at http://info.bioenabletech.com/Products/aerotag-active-rfid-reader-tags

Aerotag Specification

Environmental Specification

  •  Temperature Operating         -10 deg C to +70 deg C
  •  Storage                                  -40C to +80 deg C
  •  Humidity                                 95% Condensing

Electrical Specification

  • Power                                     3V non-rechargeable Lithium-ion coin cell

  • Battery Life                             3 yrs to 5 yrs

RF Specification

  •  TX Frequency                         433.92 MHz  (434 MHz)
  •  Power Output                         Configurable up to 9dBm
  •  Modulation                              ASK
  •  Data Rate                                5.4 KBs (max)
  •  RF Protocol                             AEROTAG (Proprietary)
  •  Outdoor Read Range           10 meter *
  •  Indoor Read Range              5 meter *

Physical Specification

  •  Dimensions                           Standard Clampshell card size with 6 mm thickness
  •  Weight                                      14 grams
  •  Case Material                         ABS
  • Mounting                                Suction pads, clip or lanyard
  • Color                                        Black

Operational Specification

  •  Battery Life                             Approximately 3Yrs to 5 yrs
  •  Range                                     10m detection
  •  LED                                         Single (transmit and power on)
  •  Buttons                                   Optional
  •  Operations                            Non line of site indoor environment
  •  Tag ID                                    1 To 65535 Unique ID supported
  •  Type                                       Personal, Asset, Vehicle Tag Version


  •       Tag Mounting Accessories
  •       Replacement battery


Type         Unlicensed operation under FCC Part 15 ETSI, EN 300 220-1
                  EN 300 330

Issuing of the tag

Pre-programmed and specified range of ID tags is available and can be directly issued. The tag ID are also printed on the tag and while issuing the registration of the tag can be done via RFID Server Software.

      Active RF Tag has low battery detection


  • Tags can transmit ID at configurable intervals of time.
  • Long battery life of the tag.
  • Low Cost.
  • Tags are small in size and easy to mount on to the object.
  • Large range of operation
  • Available in different sizes, based on the application
  • Read Only Tags:  The transponders generally provide a fixed factory-set identification code, which is tamperproof, and are known as Read Only (R/O). The unique code enables the tag to be cross-referenced with a database, thereby allowing the tagged item to be closely followed and monitored.
  • Anti-collision algorithm allows multiple tag detections at the same time
  • Tag are rugged, sealed and can be used in all kinds of indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Tags have facility to communicate low battery conditions.

Note : Specification of tag may be changed as and when required.
         * For specific projects range up to 100 meters is available


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