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Active RFID Reader Operation

Wireless Integrated, a division of Bioenable has designed and developed unique Active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) products that work together to provide a new approach to tracking and security. We understand the human tracking and logistics problems that today's businesses face, and our staff is dedicated to efficiently applying RFID to solve these problems.

Wireless Integrated has launched its new innovative Active RFID products based range Aerotag on 433MHz UHF frequency.

Active RFID system consist of following components:

Active RFID Reader:

Active RFID reader consist of Wall mount or desktop Reader with external antenna. It can receive signals from Active RFID tags in the range of 10m distance. Active RFID readers have Ethernet or wifi interface to send data to the central server.

Aerotag RFID Reader Operation

  • The power supply of the reader is by default with a AC-DC adaptor with the folowing specifications :
    Input : 100-300VAC , Freq 50/60 Hz
    Output : 9V D.C @500mA  

    For battery based operation 6-12V rechargeable battery with 1900mAH can be used which has typical life of 8 hours. On the front panel a "Power" indicator LED glows on supplying power to unit.
  • Connectivity between the RFID readers and server are via the following options :
    - Serial
    - Ethernet
    - Wireless (2.4Ghz,433Mhz)
  • The reader establishes the connection with the server software "AERO TAG RFID SERVER" as soon as it is power on and connected to network using any of the above connectivity options.
  • On detection of reader on the network the Server assigns the reader with a Reader Unique Identification Number (RUID) which idetifies a reader on the network. This assignment of RUID will happen only once on first boot-up of the reader. The RUID can be deleted from the server to allcate a new RUID.
  • The RFID readers have a self diagnostic feature which checks performance of reader hardware and reports this information to the server on every boot-up.This helps in identification of devices with faults automatically.
  • The RFID reader synchronizes the time with the server software to report tag arrival times. An internal real time clock in the readers timestamp all tags detected by the readers.
  • The Tag Unique Identification Code (TUID) from tags detected within read range of the RFID readers (5 mt) and are sent to the server depending on mode of operation of the reader as given below. The blinking of Tag Detetect LED shows activity from tags in vicinity of the reader.
Modes of Operation

1. Direct Mode : In this mode reader collects the information from the Tag and immediately reports it to the server without storing it in local memory.

2. Network Mode : In this mode reader collects TUID from the tags detected in it's vicinity and stores the information in it's memory. This information is sent to the server when the server makes a request in round robin polling among readers on the network. Once the tag information has been successfully sent to the server it is deleted from the memory of the reader. This mode is useful in streamlining information wireless networks .
  • The RFID reader has two push Buttons to report an event or activity to the server in case of emergency situations or as per buisness logic. Pre-defined messages can be displayed on the server using these buttons.
  • The reader have two relays which can be fire independently from the server.These can be used to operate alarms ,locking mechanisms or security cameras.


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