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Active RFID Readers

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Wireless Integrated, a divison of Bioenable has designed and developed unique Active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) products that work together to provide a new approach to tracking and security. We understand the human tracking and logistics problems that today's businesses face, and our staff is dedicated to efficiently applying RFID to solve these problems.

Wireless Integrated has launched its new innovative Active RFID products based range Aerotag on 433MHz UHF frequency.

Active RFID system consist of following components:

Active RFID Reader:
Active RFID reader consist of Wall mount or desktop Reader with external antenna. It can receive signals from Active RFID tags in the range of 10m distance. Active RFID readers have Ethernet or wifi interface to send data to the central server.

Active RFID Reader Specification

Fixed Reader:

Environmental Specification

  •  Temperature             -32°C to + 60°C Operating
  •  Storage                     -40°C to + 70°C
  •  Humidity                    95% Condensing

Physical Specification

  •  Dimensions              15 cm x 8 cm X 5cm (L x W x H)
  •  Weight                        1.3 kg
  •  Casing Material        ABS Plastic
  •  Color                         Black
  •  Mounting                  Wall Mount & Desktop Version

Electrical Specification

  •  AC Source                   Universal Power Supply                                                                       92-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300 mA
  •  DC Source                  6 VDC, 1900mAh Battery

RF Specification

  •  Receiver Frequency                 433.92 MHz
  •  Modulation                              ASK
  •  Sensitivity                               -109 dBM
  •  Data Rate                                5.4Kbps
  •  Air Protocol                              AEROTAG (Proprietary)
  •  RFID Tag Compatibility            Personal ,Asset ,Vehicle    
  •  Multi-Tag Read Capability        Yes
  •  Outdoor Read Range              Up to 10 meter*
  •  Indoor Read Range                 Up to 5 meter*

Digital Characteristics

  • Memory: 1-8 M Byte Memory for logging
  • Network Interface: Reader supports connectivity to host computer via default RS232. RS485\TCP IP or Wireless network connectivity is optional
  • Relay: For switching up to two external supply lines     
  • Buttons : Available for Business Logic

    Server software supports remote reader performance status and diagnostic reports from server. It also reports low battery tags in the RFID zones.

Interactive Options

  •  LED                                        Power, Tag Detection, Network
  •  Battery low indication            Yes
  •  Push Button                           Yes


  •  Long Range Up to 10 meters.
  • Readers have the ability of detecting multiple tags in a region at the same time using sophisticated anti-collision techniques.
  •  Network Connectivity Supported for wired and wireless installations via   RS232/485 or Wireless or TCP/IP connection.
  • Allowing multiple readers to be easily networked together.
  • RFID Server software supports the data collection by the readers and storage in data base with reporting.
  • Software has facility to instantly locate a tag on request using the reader network.
  • Software has ability to generate warnings if a tag does not respond within a certain period of time.
  • Plug and Play readers get detected on network and are allocated network addresses automatically on power-up.
  • Readers are portable and easy to mount.
  • Rugged and weather proof packaging for indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Battery operated versions with chargers available
Note: Specification of tag may be changed as and when required
          * For custom design projects ranges up to 100 meters is available


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